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Fitness Training with NIKE Trainer Rob Bozada

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Elite Training - $60

Fri. Jan 3, 4-6pm


Specially designed for athletes, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

Fit Moms & Dads - $40

Sat. Jan 4, 12-1pm


An inspiring, fun and informative fitness class to kick start the new year. 

WHAT TO EXPECT: Kinstretch is a movement enhancement system that develops full-body control, increased strength and ranges of motion, as well as tissue viscoelasticity. Kinstretch strives to prove that there is more to movement fluidity and quality than flexibility. 


Flexibility pertains to one’s ability to passively attain a position; once there, no strength is present or manners in which to recover from the position. However, mobility pertains to one’s active range of motion; once in a position of end range, one has the strength and neural control to recover from the position. What this results in is a body that mitigates injury, can recover from positions which may have caused injury in the past, and move through a much deeper range of motion with new levels of strength! 


Be prepared to coordinate your body in a way that you’ve never attempted and to perform not just "mobility work", but strength work through isometrics. Attendees will leave this seminar educated, capable of teaching others and moving more freely than ever before!


Rob Bozada is a NIKE Trainer at NIKE World Headquarters in Oregon, USA. He is a human performance optimization expert that specializes in joint and tissue mobility protocols, strength and power development, neuromuscular coordination patterning, the psychology behind success and overall enhancement of the human experience. 


Bozada is also the Head Gymnastics Strength Coach at the largest indoor athletic club in the world, the Multnomah Athletic Club. He has trained elite, professional athletes from several sports, including 4 x CrossFit Games Champion Mat Fraser. He is a published author, Athlematics- Quantifying Athleticism, has conducted specialty seminars both domestically in the US as well as internationally, and has also consulted luxury resorts in regards to their offerings and programming. Bozada has created his own certification process, which launches at the beginning of 2020 in Italy. 


Whether you are looking to rehabilitate, rest and recover, fuel your inner athlete through positive psychology, gain strength or lose weight, live a pain-free, capable life with access to your full movement potential, or wanting to compete against the most elite athletes in the world, Bozada has the expertise to enable you. 

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