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Welcome Packet

Welcome to Summer Intensive 2019 


On your journey here at ECB we want to wish you the best experience possible with some helpful information. 


  • Classes for Advanced/Intermediate will begin at 9am in the Renton studios of ECB. Please arrive early to prepare for class. Dress code is included in the welcome packet. 

  • Classes for Pre-Intermediate begin at 11am in the Re ECB. Please arrive early to prepare for class. 

  • Eat breakfast! You will be dancing more than you usually do and will need good energy for the day. Included is a meal suggestion list. 

  • Enjoy meeting new friends, try introducing yourself and getting to know each other by name. You will be spending a lot of time together. 

  • We do have light snacks and water for sale at the studio. Bring cash if you would like to purchase items. 

  • Lunch will be a fun time to socialize with your fellow students, we do allow you to sit outside in our courtyard for lunch time, bring sunglasses! 

  • On the first day of camp you will receive your schedule for the week, which will be posted on the information board as well. 

  • Classes that will be offered are ballet, pointe, variations, contemporary, modern, jazz, hip hop, choreography, and improvisation. 

  • If you are five or more minutes late please ask permission to enter the studio. 

  • Please bring all shoe types with you so you are always prepared. 


  • If you need to be reached please have your guardians call the office of ECB at 425.228.6800   

  • For any other questions please email 

  • Included in this welcome packet is dress code, packing list (out of town students), meal list, weekend activities. 


We truly thank you for trusting ECB with your summer training plans. On our staff for summer intensive will include, Julie Tobiason, Sarah Thomas, Jennifer Porter, Josh Grant, Lauren Ostrander, Amy Lambert, Natascha Greenwalt, Dustin Stuart, Damon Keller, Tesee George, Jenae Plaisance, Charmaine Butcher, Natalie Dukane, Nathan Cook, Charles Carson and more. 

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