Open Level, Pre-Professional, and Professional Tracks
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Curated by Artistic Director Bennyroyce Royon

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Sunday, September 26

2:15pm-3:15pm | Open Level Afro Fundamentals

FREE for all ages. We will explore urban Afro grooves and popular steps through drills and exercises. Afro dance is an umbrella term that includes several urban genres originated in Africa over the past 20-30 years, including Afrobeats, Coupe Decale, Afrohouse, Ndombolo and Amapiano to name a few. This class will be primarily based in the Afrobeats style from Nigeria and Ghana.

3:20pm-4:30pm | Afro Choreography (Level 1/2)

$20.00 (in-person) and $12.00 (virtual) for students ages 13 and up. This class will utilize Afro movement from a mix of genres and is geared towards students with some experience taking choreography. Afro dance experience not required.

Kiné Camara is a choreographer, instructor and performer based in Seattle, WA. She began dancing professionally at 8 years old, and teaching in 2005, under the direction of her father, Master Drummer and Dancer, Ibrahima Camara, of the National Ballet of Senegal. In her choreography, she pulls from various African and Afro diasporic dance styles, and often explores themes of Western vs African culture, and modern vs traditional dance. She debuted "Dokhontou" in 2021, through the Evergreen City Ballet's artist residency, storytelling a journey through West African traditional and modern urban styles.

Dance is a powerful way to strengthen the mind, body and spirit, and her classes focus on all three. Her passion is to not only teach steps, but also to educate holistically, discussing cultural/historical context, and cultivating self love and acceptance in tandem with the physical practice. She's taught with The University of Washington, The Overlake School, The Union Cultural Center, Whatcom Community College and Bellingham Repertory Dance.

Website: kinecamara.com

Instagram: @Kine_Camara

ABOUT THE SERIES — Our Master Class & Workshop Series consists of an Open Level (all ages), Pre-Professional (teens ages 13+), and Professional (adults ages 18+) tracks. Students have the option to experience the classes either in person or virtual. Instructors will teach either in person or virtual to a group of in-person and/or virtual students. Space is limited for in-person attendance, so register right away to save your spot! 

Curated by Artistic Director Bennyroyce Royon, our 2021-2022 Series is comprised of inspiring and engaging dance artists from varying backgrounds, movement styles, and ideas. Evergreen City Ballet brings the world of dance to Renton through our master class & workshop series, summer programs, and more.