Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance, Merit and Need-based Scholarships


Evergreen City Ballet offers tuition assistance and scholarships, as funds are available, to make tuition affordable for more families. We use BeneFAQ (formerly known as Confidential Financial Services or CFS), a third-party organization to help us accurately and fairly assess a family’s ability to pay and, after review, award grants accordingly. Their application process will request financial information from you that primarily consists of income, expenses, assets, and debts. BeneFAQ uses that information to calculate a “Family Anticipated Contribution Total” (FACT Report) and sends us that information.


Once received, we will reach out to you to discuss the results. Depending on the award, tuition assistance and scholarships can be applied to tuition and/or dance-related expenses such as purchasing leotards, tights, or pointe shoes.


Scholarship students agree not to study at any other school and not to attend auditions or to accept any amateur or professional performing engagements without the official approval of the Artistic Director. ECB requires scholarship students to have excellent attendance, good behavior, and satisfactory grades.


Students receiving tuition assistance are expected to participate in volunteer opportunities. Parents may also volunteer and help in lieu of the student. As a community-based school, we always welcome helping hands in a variety of areas that Please contact our School Principal at for more information.





How to Apply


To apply for tuition assistance for the upcoming school year, you will need to fill out your confidential financial application. We process our tuition assistance and scholarship applications through BeneFAQ (formerly Confidential Financial Services or CFS), There is a $35 application fee. You will first need to fill out an online application on their website to begin the process of your application.



Our school is listed under The Evergreen City Ballet Academy. Please contact our Office Manager at if you need assistance. Privacy and discretion are a priority for ECB concerning individuals receiving tuition assistance.


Follow these steps from BeneFAQ to get started:


STEP 1: Navigate to and create a new account if you do not yet have one in the new BeneFAQ system. Your former login credentials with CFS will not work on the new site. You will need to create a new account with BeneFAQ.

STEP 2: Once you are at the site, select the “Parent Login” button from the upper right.


STEP 3: Create an account, enter all the information requested, and click register which will sign you in for the first time (returning users can then sign in using the sign-in section on the left).


STEP 4: Click the APPLY button.


STEP 5: Enter the correct application year, enter your school number in the search window or begin typing our school name and select it when it appears. Several schools have similar names, so please make sure you are selecting our school.

  • Proceed to enter your credit card information and click the button “Pay and Create App” to proceed.

  • Your credit card will be charged $35. The charge will come through as SchoolRIGHT or BeneFAQ.

  • Once you pay, your application will be available to begin entering information.


STEP 6: Read all instructions on each page.


  • On the left are listed all the sections of the application that you will be completing.

  • When a page is completed, that section of the left-hand menu will be indicated with the color green. Sections in gray have not been completed.

  • If you exit and return later, simply find the next section you need to complete and continue from there. Click “Save and Continue” at the bottom of each page to proceed to the next page.

  • If you have questions, please click the Questions/Clarifications link on the upper right-hand side of the page and write your question. This will send a note to BeneFAQ and they will respond in as timely a manner as possible. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours to receive a response. They are closed on weekends and holidays.

  • When they respond, you will receive an email indicating that a message awaits for you in your account. A number indicator will appear next to the Messages link on your dashboard showing that you have an unread message. Click “Messages” to see the message.

  • If you have any issues with the messaging, you can email


STEP 7: The application is predominantly constructed in an “interview” style. Please complete the application and DO NOT SKIP any questions. 


STEP 8: At the end of the application, once you have reviewed your entries and click “Submit App & Proceed” you will be asked to upload specific information based on the way you completed your application.


  • Click the checkbox to upload that document. YOU CANNOT SELECT MORE THAN ONE file at a time to upload. Please use the “Add” button under Pay Stubs to add additional pay stubs and the “Additional Documents” section for other items requested.

  • If you are not able to upload your tax returns in one complete document, please use “Additional Documents” to add the pages.

  • If you need to send numerous single pages for some reason, please reach out to BeneFAQ and they will provide instructions to do so.

  • BeneFAQ will begin verifying your application once they begin receiving documents from you.

  • BeneFAQ will message you through the inline messaging system if they need further clarification on anything. Please use this system to respond to those inquiries.


If you have questions about your application of supporting documents, it is best to use the inline messaging system. BeneFAQ is prompt in its replies and will be very willing to help you as necessary. You can also email


Application Review


We will review your application once we’ve received the report from BeneFAQ. Please give us 2-4 weeks to review your application. Our financial aid committee will review your BeneFAQ report and determine whether you qualify to receive tuition assistance or a scholarship.


Financial Aid Award


You will be notified via e-mail of your award. To accept, you will need to set up a meeting with our School Principal and sign a scholarship contract. Scholarship awards may only be applied and used at Evergreen City Ballet.