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Back by popular demand! This 4-week program is built to offer young dancers a more robust schedule. Dancers will take two classes, three days a week. Classes will include a ballet technique class with the addition of contemporary, variations, conditioning and seminar classes. Dancers can expect to improve in their ballet technique while given the opportunity to grow in other forms of dance and education.


Location: ECB Studios, 1300 Bronson Way N, Renton, WA 98057

Phone: 425.228.6800


Ages: 10-12*

Requirements: Must have a minimum of 4 years of ballet training.*

Cost: $500 (before 4/1), $650 (after 4/1) + $35 registration fee

To audition, please contact


*Exceptions made on a case by case basis



(subject to change)


WEEK #1: July 8-July 19

Monday - Ballet Technique and Intro to Pointe Seminar 

Wednesday - Ballet Technique and Conditioning 

Friday - Ballet Technique and Contemporary 


WEEK #2: July 15-July 20

Monday - Ballet Technique and Injury Prevention 

Wednesday - Ballet Technique and Conditioning 

Friday - Ballet Technique and Variations 


WEEK #3: July 23-July 26

Monday - Ballet Technique and Nutrition Seminar 

Wednesday - Ballet Technique and Conditioning 

Friday - Ballet Technique and Contemporary

WEEK #4: July 29-August 2

Monday - Ballet Technique and Dance History 

Wednesday - Ballet Technique and Conditioning

Friday - Ballet Technique and Variations 

Ballet Technique

Ballet classes during the summer are designed to maintain the development from the past year while offering a challenge and push for higher quality in a dancer’s ballet technique. Inspiring new growth and refinement in artistry and technique, dancers will learn from a handful of instructors from ECB’s Core Faculty who will offer sound, yet diverse, teaching and training, giving students a well-rounded education.



Dancers are called to have the knowledge and ability to perform in many other styles than ballet alone.

Contemporary holds inspiration from Modern, Jazz, and other forms of dance. This offers the students a great opportunity to learn how to adapt and move in a different style, attitude, and atmosphere outside of ballet. Contemporary also helps in the building and development of a dancer's self-expression and artistry in movement.



Variation class is structured to offer dancers the opportunity to learn choreography from beautiful, challenging, and even fun classic and famous ballet productions.  Students get to work on how to build their character for the role they are performing and how to carry and project that character.  In addition to performance quality, dancers will also discover more intricate and complex steps that will build all-around performance awareness and strength.



Education in stretching, strengthening, and mobility is very important to a dancer's health and quality of movement. Conditioning class provides guidance on how to properly execute and benefit from exercises that will push dancers without harming their bodies as well as deeper stretch positions that will help them improve their flexibility and range of motion.


Learn about topics ranging from ballet history (did ballet really start in France?!), injury prevention, nutrition, and pointe introduction!

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