2022 Summer Intensive
Video Submission Guidelines

Step 1 - Fill out our 2022 Summer Intensive Audition Form


Please complete and submit our 2022 Summer Intensive Audition Form by clicking here. 


Step 2 - Create and put together your audition materials


Please read the submission guidelines below. Send the following materials and your completed registration form to summer@evergreencityballet.org. Please include this information on the subject line: 2022 Summer Intensive Video Audition - [Full Name of Student]. Incomplete applications will not be accepted, so please read carefully.


Attire Guidelines: Dancers should be sure to wear neat, proper dance attire. 

  • Ladies: Black leotard, tights, hair in bun

  • Gentlemen: White t-shirt, black tights, hair pulled back from face

  • Non-binary: Black or white t-shirt or short-sleeved leotard, black tights or dance leggings*


*Or any combination of the “ladies” or “gentlemen” attire 


Photo Guidelines: Photos should be sent as .jpeg files in the following positions.

  • First Arabesque - Please label this file in the following format, FirstName_LastName_photo1.jpeg

  • Tendu à la seconde​ - Please label this file in the following format, FirstName_LastName_photo2.jpeg


Video Guidelines: Videos should feature the following exercises and should not exceed more than 10 minutes. Please send/upload all videos as MP4 or MOV files. Applicants only need to do one side of each exercise. 

  • Plié (1st, 2nd, & 5th with port de bras)

  • Tendu from 5th position

  • Rond de jambes

  • Fondu

  • Grand Battement

  • One center exercise moving across the floor (i.e. pirouettes, big leg extensions)


Note: Some video files may be too large to send via email. In this instance please provide us with a shareable link to the video. YouTube or Vimeo links are preferred. 



Step 3 - Acceptance Letter, Payment & Registration on iClassPro

We will get back to you within 1-2 weeks of your submission date. Once accepted, you will be asked to create a free account on iClassPro to complete your registration and payment for our 2022 Summer Intensive.